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The Young Gentleman

Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome!! I go by YG - short for Young Gentleman. Why Young Gentleman?

Long story short I've been called a "Gentleman" my whole life..But when it came to making a presence for myself online everything required a first & last name. so as a teen I went by Young Gentleman, then by "The Gentleman" in my twenties, in my thirties i'm back to the YOUNG GENTLEMAN!!

Second thing you ask is to describe my music.. It's Different!! My vibe consists of a lot of funk/jazz/blues you name it all in a hiphop gumbo. When I finish a beat whomever is around me I ask them 2 questions "Is this different?" and "Can this be copied/duplicated" ..And I'm looking for a Yes/No because when I am cookin somethin I already know how my top 10 influential producers would handle said project..I take that 11th approach and finesse the shyt out of it!! ITS A WRAP!!

Last but not least, Pops is from NY..Madre is from PA..together they made a Jersey boy!!

Okay, Now that that's out the way.. Holla at me & lets work.. enjoy browsing the rest of the site..play some music and vibe with me, download the app and always have access to my instrumentals, and stop by the news section where you can see whats current and what led up to today by previous interviews & what not.

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